The $35 Dollar Tablet?

One of the great things about summer is that you have more time to spend with newspapers and other paper media. So it was last Saturday when while enjoying a second cup of coffee that I ran into the article in about India’s announcement of a prototype tablet computer that they believe will market for about 35 dollars (US). The articles stated that “the tablet gadget, which can be run on solar power, is equipped with an Internet browser, video-conferencing capability and a media player, among other facilities”

So, where would this fit in the potpourri of technology choices impacting educators? Clearly computing devices are moving smaller and incorporating wireless cloud based computing. Is it correct logic to think that the inception of the $100 device of  One Laptop Per Child led to netbook technology, and that the success of the iPhone led to the flurry of innovation in the smartphone market giving choices such the  Android based EVO, and Droid phones, and the upcoming Windows Phone? Did the entry of the iPad spark thinking about paring down tablets to provide just essential services? These are not straight line cause and effect relationships, but my thinking suggests that there is a pattern here. There is no doubt the world is moving smaller, cheaper, wireless, and connected to the Internet. What that looks like in a U.S. PK-12 classroom is still a ways away but perhaps not as far as we think!


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