Grant’s Tomb or Grant Writer’s Heaven?

Writing grant applications over the years, I collected a nice graveyard of dead grants. Partially, my limitation at the time was the lack of grant sources that really fit our needs. Finding good sources for grants can help keep your grants out of Grant’s Tomb.

Tech and Learning has a great website that lists grants by deadline. While it may be harder to find math-specific grants, it is really nice for prioritizing grant-writing applications by due date.

CDW has been publishing The Big Deal Book of Technology for some time now. The downloadable pdf book is published several times a year and includes not just grants and awards, but other educational resources as well.

Fundsnet Online Services and both provide a fairly extensive list of grant sources for education. does show closing dates up front, but both sites will require some digging into the links to find grant qualifiers and information.

The Foundation Center has a wealth of information for finding available grants and writing successful applications.

And lastly, Discovery Education’s Kathy Shrock published a short grant resource list that has a number of links for How To Write a good grant.

There are many resources online that can help with grant writing. Don’t forget to look for local resources, however.  Many school districts have a grant writer on staff who could be a quick resource for your own school grant opportunities.  Also remember that many grants will ask for the same information. After the first few large grant applications, other applications should get somewhat easier as much of the demographic or socioeconomic data has already been collected.  Keep your notes and reuse applications for multiple grants.

Good luck with your applications and try to keep your grants out of Grant’s Tomb.


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