Looking Back on Conference Notes

I’ve re-visited a few great sites (not necessarily new) this summer. I guess I just didn’t have an occasion for which to use them, but WOW, once I got started, they were really useful to me.

During the DE Symposium, we ran “groups” in the Edmodo.com site. It was very much like having a back channel conversation; and with tags, everything was easy to retrieve even days after the meetings. Of course there will always be a few in the group who have to relate every breath they take, but for the most part, team members modeled pertinent posts – the useless ones just didn’t get replies. (Isn’t that a psych trick of just not reinforcing undesirable behavior?)

Other thoughts from the DE symposium, there are a few new gurus on my love list:

  • Dr. Lodge McCammon – musician, tech guy, philosopher, unintended comic – his work is in DE media, and in IDEAL’s LRM

  • Dr. Michael Wesch – anthropologist, social networking philosopher, video mash-up expert, knowledgeable vs. knowledge-able

Dr. Chris Dede of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education provoked us to think about authentic assessment. The conversation about measuring mastery of standards goes on…One of the best summaries of his presentation to us is here .

There are myriad links to their works in a google search, so I’m not going to just highlight one here, but as I explore my notes, I’ll have a few more favorites to share soon.

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