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If you missed the Don Tapscott webinar last week, here’s your chance to see it!  You’ll definitely want to give it a view, because we have a very special offer for you that we’ll be announcing on Monday.  Enjoy the archive and check back in to see what else we have cooking.

The world needs rebuilding. Many of the institutions that have served us well for decades or centuries seem frozen and unable to move forward. And yet, in every corner of the globe, a powerful new model of economic and social innovation is sweeping across all sectors—one where people with drive, passion and expertise take advantage of new Web-based tools to get more involved in making the world more prosperous, just and sustainable.

IN MacroWikinomics Tapscott and Williams show that in over a dozen fields—from finance, healthcare and science to education, the media, energy and the environment—we have reached an historic turning point; cling to the old industrial-era paradigms or use collaborative innovation to revolutionize not only the way we work and create wealth in society, but how we learn, discover, inform, entertain, govern and care for one another.


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    Thanks for posting the audio. I had some repair guys here and couldn’t sit and listen to the whole thing. Now that it is quiet, I can concentrate a bit more.
    Steve you’re the best!

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