Pre-order MacroWikinomics and get a free copy!

Last year we hosted a Grown Up Digital book club and enjoyed a fantastic webinar with Don Tapscott.  Just recently we wrapped up a Wikinomics book club and followed it up with another incredible webinar with Don.  So how do we top that?  Oh, we have a few ideas!

For the next few days, August 2-4, you can pre-order Don’s upcoming book, MacroWikinomics, and if you do you’ll get a fantastic bonus.  The pre-ordered copy will arrive on the launch date, but you’ll have a second FREE copy shipped to you weeks early!   Yeah, that’s right.  Not only is it buy one, get a free copy, but you’ll also have it in your hands weeks before it hits the shelves.

And yes, of course we’ll be doing another book club around it!

Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this offer.  Click on the logo below and pre-order the book through any of the sites listed there.  Grab your electronic receipt and visit this link.  Enter your information in there and you’ll be registered to get your free pre-release copy.  If you want to join us for the book club, you can sign up here and once the books are shipped will send out a schedule to participate.



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    I’ve just been reassigned from elementary to intermediate school teaching. I need an increased comfort level in releasing control and guide students in becoming independent using technology.

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