TN Day of Discovery

Jen Dorman, Justin Karkow, Sandra Ford, and Tim Childers are in Franklin, TN, today for an exciting Day of Discovery at Franklin High School!  We are looking forward to meeting teachers from all across the state in one of our first centrally-located events near Nashville.  Teachers have registered from Memphis to Knoxville to Chattanooga!

Teachers will discover how to use DE Streaming in the STEM and Humanities curricula, how to help students create their own artifacts of learning, how to use DE Assessment to their advantage in the classroom, and how to bring Web 2.0 into DE Streaming as well as send DE Streaming out to Web 2.0 content.

We’ll update you later today (or maybe tomorrow) on how teachers are getting on learning about these great tools from Discovery!

By the way, did know it is Shark Week!?!


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  1. Jessica Donaldson said:

    Sounds like a great time with some of then DEN and Discovery’s FINEST. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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