Great Offer!!!

As you know, DEN in SL is located on one of the EduIslands.  What you might not know is that we have a fabulous and fantastic ‘landlord’, Fleet.  If you’ve attended some of our major galas you might have had the opportunity to glimpse this ‘furry’ — his avatar is a squirrel.  Anyway, we just received an e-mail sharing the following:

To encourage new educators into Second Life whilst they have some time on their hands, we are launching a summer promotion.  For the next two months, from now until mid September, we will be offering educators new to SL a limited number of luxury apartments with 250 prim allowances on a first come, first served basis.  The cost?  Free!  Zero!  Zip!  Zilch!

When September arrives, the apartment tenants will have the option of upgrading to a paid presence elsewhere on the Eduislands, with the usual affordable weekly-payment plans available to them.

We have again used the type of luxury apartments that have served the Eduislands so well in the past for this promotion.  An internal image of the apartment:

We’ve placed the tower on the edge of Eduisland 3, directly behind Teacher Networking Center, so that new teachers can get the easy access to support that they need.

Here’s a SLurl to a show apartment:


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  1. Emilia said:

    Are you sure about this? I think you may have looked at an old email from Fleet. There is no building at that slurl, and the TNC left SL a year ago!

  2. Heidi H said:

    I agree with Emilia, there is nothing there that looks like a “luxury apartment.” That Slurl is an Oakton CC teleporter site, which looks unused.

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