1. Discovery Education Streaming and…….

Beginning a series on use of Discovery with subjects, populations, special areas and more

 First up, one of my favorite areas — DISCOVERY AND THE LIBRARY!

Does Discovery Streaming have items that can be used in library instruction too?   Sure!  Here are a few DISCOVERIES for library use:

  • Start with the obvious and find resources that supplement curriculum areas.  Discovery has resources for all the core areas — reading/language arts, science, math, and social studies. 
  • Videos such as A First Look at Your Library Media Center or A Kid’s Guide to the Library can be used during orientation times. Both are editable videos so you can use just the parts you want.
  • For younger grades, the School Library Adventures of the Lollipop Dragon series teaches about parts of a book, finding what you want and more.
  • For older grades, the Modern Research Skills for Secondary Students will help with writing research papers
  • Speaking of research,  check out the Modern Library and Research Skills, Information Please: Your Library in Action, or Research Your Subject for more on this area now found in the ELAR TEKS.
  • Encourage some library fitness while promoting National Library Week with the Daily Deskercise National Library Week videos from Slim Goodbody.
  • Try searching keyword Library and narrowing the search by resources to find websites, scavenger hunts, PowerPoint and more related to the library.
  • For some professional development, try the Building a Better Library series.

This is just a sampling of the many great items from Discovery Streaming to use in your library. As librarians say:  CHECK IT OUT!


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