2010-11 School Year Underway

Back to School

As the summer draws to an end, teachers have mixed emotions about the upcoming school year.  Some may feel dread that the summer is over and they did not accomplish all they hoped for, while others are excited about the possibilities of another set of minds to inspire.  Either way, the same questions run through the minds of teachers….

Will my students be happy in my room?  Will I be liked by all of them?  How many will be in my room?

Will my classroom be ready for my students?  Do I have enough supplies, lessons, furniture, and whatever else I did not think of? Is my room inviting, friendly, safe, and/or  open to learning?

There is one sure way to make the new year go a bit smoother, and that is to create a learning network for yourself.

With Discovery Education Network (DEN) I have created a large network of like minded as well as creative thinkers that can help me along the way.  My network of collaborators can and will inspire me to become an even better educator. With a little luck, I will inspire, create, and build ideas for my peer network friends at DEN as well….


Along with the network I have in my school district, school building, and DEN…. I am ready for the 2010-11 School Year to get underway… Are you?


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