Virtual Conference Inspires Lesson Sharing

The DEN Virtual Conference last April inspired many teachers to integrate technology in their classroom lessons. The  IDEAL Learning Environment* offered teacher participants an opportunity to earn ten PD hours credit after the event by creating a lesson plan to share using the tools from the conference.

Laurel, who is a second grade teacher, sent us these comments with her shared lesson (attached).

The DE Virtual Conference on Language Learners helped me in many ways. It provided me not only with some good tips to use with language learners but also exposed me to new resources that I did not know about. I was shown during the conference how to access a wealth of videos from DES. I was also shown that many videos had closed captioning which can be extra helpful to language learners. The conference reinforced how important it is to utilize technology, especially with language learners.

The conference helped me put together my lesson plan by bring to my forefront that language learners need a lot of time for communication and collaboration. Thus, in my lesson plan, I put in several places where the kids needed to communicate with other kids to complete componants of the lesson. I also received a great idea as far as implementation of the lesson plan. The conference suggested that I pull language learners prior to teaching the lesson to the whole class. In this smaller group, I could take time to cover key language that they might need a bit more time or help understanding. Then, when I teach the lesson to the class, they come in with some knowledge already. So, I feel the conference helped me with new technology resources and a clearer picture of some of the needs of language learners.


Thank you, Laurel! The next DEN Virtual Conference is scheduled for October 23. Watch this blog for more information about f2f gatherings across the State.

* IDEAL is a partnership between ASU & ADE and offers the DiscoveryEducationstreaming site free of charge to Arizona educators.

Look for Laurel’s lesson plan and resources for educators in IDEAL’s LRM (under Curriculum Resources). Search for resources by keyword, title, standard alignment code, or subject.

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