Professional Development at the Georgia Aquarium

Georgia AquariumThe Georgia Aquarium offers a variety of free and low cost workshops and professional development courses for educators. Some of the upcoming workshops have been reprinted below from the Georgia Aquarium website. Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration (1 PLU): During this two-part ocean exploration workshop, teachers will be introduced to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Ocean Exploration curriculum. The curriculum is designed to bring the excitement of bioluminescent corals, deep vent worms and tropical underwater volcanoes to the classroom through inquiry-based activities in biology, earth, physical and marine sciences. The next Part 1 workshop will be Sept. 18, 2010. Part 2 will be offered in March. I have participated in these workshops, and they are great, hands-on, and fun! FREE lesson plan books and resources from NOAA are provided as well as behind the scenes tours of the Georgia Aquarium! Georgia Native Workshop (1 PLU)Come learn about some of Georgia’s amazing aquatic habitats through interactive lessons from Native Waters and Project WET. The workshop will include a combination of hands-on activities from the two curricula, exhibit tours, and group discussion to promote awareness, conservation, and appreciation of Georgia natural habitats.The next workshop will be Sept. 23 and 24, 2010. Register here for courses. Ocean Science Workshop Flyer and Georgia Native Workshop Registration Form


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