Don’t Miss Out! Become a Discovery Star Educator!


Join this amazing group of educators and take this professional development opportunity and become a Star Discovery Educator! Not only are there a number of perks but DEN Stars are a global community of educators who are passionate about digital media technology throughout their curriculum and are excited to share with other educators.

Here’s what DEN Stars have to say:

“Teachers spend so much of their own time for class planning and grading and many have difficulty in finding good sources to assist them.  Discovery Education offers so much for teachers to discover for free, and those that become a DEN Star have access to Professional Development that is very accessible and user friendly. There is access to quality P.D. online, chat rooms with participants from all over the world, flexible DEN Virtual Conferences, online or in-person regional events, etc. DEN Stars also experience great satisfaction in assisting others and sharing experiences with tools and projects.”
Lloyd Roche, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

“There are moments in your life that you look back and say “that was a good choice” well being a DEN Star is one of those. From the moment I became a star in 2006 it’s been nothing but wonderful. The exposure to new ideas that are exciting, innovative, and a great influence in my class have made my educational cup overflow in so many ways. The resources that are offered from the site, to conferences, to webinars makes becoming a 21st century teacher a pleasure and not a task. Being a DEN star is most definitely an adventure to INFINITY AND BEYOND. Thank you Discovery.” Ivette Avila, Union City, New Jersey, USA

“The Discovery Educator Network has great resources and tools that are accessible to teachers. These resources and tools help engage students in their learning. Being a DEN member and having these resources at my fingertips made me motivated to share what I learn to colleagues. The more colleagues that become Stars, more sharing occurs and ultimately more students are engaged across the country.”
Sarah Thompson, Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Becoming a DEN STAR extended my horizons and provided me with many opportunities to expand my bag of tools for teaching and learning. Being an active participant of the community allows me to collaborate more effectively with colleagues and to take advantage of many training opportunities offered by Discovery Education such as Summer Institutes.”Denise Steedle, Camden, New Jersey, USA


Grow the DEN Stars in your community! How do you become a DEN Star? It’s easy!

  • Go to
  •  Log in with your DE username and password
  • Click on “Become a Star Discovery Educator”
  • Don’t miss out on these benefits:

    • Your own personal DEN blog
    • The ability to search, download, and upload resources via the DEN Educator Resources library powered by Discovery Education MediaShare
    • Invitations to exclusive Discovery Events
    • The opportunity to apply to attend the DEN Summer Institute
    • Materials for your training events

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    1. Jackie Wilson said:

      I have submitted my application, and I have completed the sharing meetings with teachers on my staff, so I have achieved designation of DEN Star. I discussed this with Karen Goldman this morning. Thank you
      Jackie Wilson
      SK, Canada

    2. Karen said:

      Yippeee! I am so happy that you have submitted your application! Way to go! You attended several Webinars, shared your knowledge with others and continue challenging yourself with new skills!

    3. Lindsay H said:

      Congrats, Jackie, and welcome to the DEN! You’ve joined global community of educators who, just like you, are passionate about 21st century instruction and using digital media in the classroom. Get ready for some professional learning, personal connections, and a whole lot of fun!

    4. Jackie Wilson said:

      I have been using DEN videos and related materials in my classroom for a couple of years now. I have found these resources to be current, curriculum based, and engaging. The webinars I took this summer introduced me to so much more that DEN has to offer teachers. I’m excited about using these features in my unit plans this year!

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