New Media in Education Fiesta – September 7 and 8

Mark your calendars (and check your time zones!!!! The times listed are Singapore times!) as Second Life ™ is hosting an Education Fiesta over a two day period.  Here’s the information:

All the time listed are Singapore Time (UTC / GMT +8 hrs).  

Ms. Erin Reilly will be giving the Keynote on Monday, September 6th at 8 p.m. (Singapore Time)
You may wish to use a time zone converter so you don’t miss any of the presentations!


7 September 2010

08 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs-

Ms Alicia Poo Peng Peng Economics Teacher, Innova Junior College

Use of Collaborative Tagging Through Diigo to Promote Interdependent Online Research amongst Students.

10 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs


Mr John Yap Yin Gwee,

Senior Media Producer, NUS Second Life

Learning Through Gaming: The NUS Experience

12 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Dr Tay Lee Yong,

Head of Department for Research & Information Communication Technology,

Beacon Primary School

Integrating the Technological Dimension into Teaching and Learning –An Activity Theoretical Perspective

8 September 2010

08 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Ms Yap Chern Kai,

English Literature Teacher, Innova Junior College

Virtual Disgrace: Teaching Literature in Second Life

10 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Dr Caroline Ho,

Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, National Institute of Education

Demystifying the mystique of Virtual Museums

12 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Mr Daryl Koh,

Head Of Department  for Information and Communication Technology,

Ms Tan Chui Min,

Arts Teacher, Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Becoming a Virtual Curator – Using Secondlife in Teaching Art Appreciation


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  1. Daniel Beylerian said:

    This is great. Am I missing something? Where is it located in SL?

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Location, location, location. That’s what it’s all about. Here’s some info from New Media that will help you locate the event:

    “To enter the Lecture Theatre for New Media in Education International Conference,Teleport here:

    Once you have clicked on the link below, a new panel will appear on your Second Life software to ask for teleport permission. Click ‘Teleport’.”

    Hope this helps!

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