If you build it they will come…


Many of you are probably thinking of that famous movie with Kevin Costner, but after thoughts of building a technology conference for teachers, many teachers came from all over the area.  What started as an idea after viewing a session at the PETE and C conference in Hershey two years  ago, has become an annual event at Propel Schools in Pittsburgh, PA. 

 The 2nd Annual Propel Powerful Practices Technology Conference was held on August 19th. In addition to the teachers at Propel Schools, there were so many wonderful teachers who came from various distances to take part in the learning, exploring, and networking.

 In case you weren’t there and wanted to take a peak at what you missed, we have created a wikispace with all of the sessions archived.  Check it out: http://propelpowerfulpractices.wikispaces.com/

A few of the highlights include:


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