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I figured the third time I watched The Attack of the Clones. Episode II on my iPad, I should probably talk with someone about this.


I’ve collected a few video files over the years, and keep them on one of those 350Gb, USB hard drives from Staples.

Some are Mac files (mov and mp4), some are Windows versions (wmv and asf) and some are those pesky (avi) files that sometimes don’t play anywhere!


And I’ve just finished watching them all on my iPad, a device that, despite it’s large video screen, normally can’t play any of these videos, except the mp4 file.

It bears repeating, these files are playing on an external drive, connected to a laptop, in another room! They’re not on my iPad or laptop at all!


The video is being streamed with the help of an app called AirVideo – Free (;jsessionid=1B4195D6FFDE5831B14A8F79CA58AA16). After installing the 2-part app, your computer (a Mac or a PC, it’s ok) becomes a Server (relax it can still do other things) and your iPad is now programmed to receive. I know it sounds like Hotel California but it gets better.


Video that won’t normally play on the iPad (like the Windows version of How Plants Grow) gets converted, on the fly. There’s no prep, waiting, extra conversion programs, or cost. You just watch.


Then I asked Maria to watch on her iPad too. After installing AirVideo, we watched The Jumping Spider (an avi file), each of us enjoying our favorite parts, simultaneously, no hiccups.


Sadly you’ll still need multiple video formats for those other purposes (like PowerPoint), but for video enjoyment or study, its ONE FORMAT, in ONE LOCATION, shared by many on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Just double click to play. Video format just can’t be wrong anymore in our lifetime, and you get your computer’s hard drive back.


So, now, back to those wonderful Deconstructed Videos DE’s got, showing how ink jets and photocopiers work. And we’ll watch ’em in the ol’ Windows ASF format, just cause we can!


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