Say “Aloha” to the Hawaii DEN!

Please welcome our recent additions to the Discovery Education ohana (family)!   

Exciting things are brewing on the islands, including a growing number of DEN STARs!  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to your fellow STARs from Hawaii and hear more about how they’re using Discovery Education resources, island-style.

In the Hawaiian language, “Aloha” means many things, including hello and love.  So, how about it, DEN family – let’s show our Hawaii DEN ohana some DEN love by saying hello!

Please post a comment welcoming these DEN members!

Ignacio Arcas – Puunene, HI
Lynne Asato – Waipahu, HI
Kristin Cassey – Waipahu, HI
Maureen Chung – Kilauea, HI
Wendy Heyd – Puunene, HI
Nicole Honda – Waipahu, HI
Bess Jennings – Hilo, HI
Cathy Keelan – Kihei, HI
Dawn Kodama-Nii – Honolulu, HI
Andrea Medrano – Keaau, HI
Allison Place – Hoolehua, HI
Cynthia Rothdeutsch – Kihei, HI
Erlynn Sakata – Waipahu, HI
Blaise Smeltzer – Waipahu, HI
Erin Yagi – Waipahu, HI



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  1. Ignacio Arcas said:

    Aloha Ahiahi,
    As we are approaching the end of our fourth week at work here in Hawaii, we would like all of you at DEN to share with us your experiences and your knowledge. Have a great start of the year and Aloha.

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    ALOHA! We are soo excited to have you as part of our OHANA! See you in September!

  3. Carol Miller said:

    Aloha, from Maine! Welcome to the greatest educational community. Now from coast to coast and beyond. We have no borders.

  4. Betsy DeBiase said:

    Aloha from Chicagoland! (That’s not just Chicago, the city, but also surrounding areas.) Come explore the Great Lakes through Discovery Education.

  5. Kyle Schutt said:

    Welcome Hawaii DEN members! I look forward to getting to learn from you and hear the wonderful ideas that you can share with the DEN.

  6. Gina Loveless said:

    Aloha Hawaii DEN members. I had the chance to visit Oahu this summer for another training. You are doing such exciting things in your State!!!! I’m sure you will find the DEN a great resource!
    ~Mahalo *shaking my thumb and pinky*

  7. Erin Yagi said:

    Aloha everyone!

    Thank you for your warm welcome! We are so excited to be a part of such a wonderful community!

    Hope you are all having a GREAT start of the new school year! (We’ve been in school for four weeks now…heehee!)

    Have a SUPER day!
    erin 🙂

    ps — *Shaka* back at ya Gina! Thank you for the warm welcome!

  8. Rosy Escandon said:

    Aloha and Welcome to the DEN! It’s great to have you on board and ready to roll.

  9. Paula Schmidt said:

    Yeah, it’s great to see a DEN in Hawaii. I was a member of the DEN in California and have recently become a Hawaii DEN member. I love Discovery Eduation! Aloha, Paula

  10. omejames said:

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