Canadian Fall Webinar Series


Fall is right on the corner! Register now for the Canadian Fall Webinar Series.

Wednesdays at 5:00 PM CST we will be hosting a “Getting Started With Streaming Webinar.” Discovery education offers a collection of over 100,000 learning objects assembled specifically for K-12 Canadian Classrooms. There are thousands of province-based standards which are aligned to video clips including hundreds Canada-specific topics. With over 6,000 videos, in addition to thousands of video segments, images, articles, songs, and more, this powerhouse of digital content is a snap to navigate. We will explore Canada-specific content including the Canadian interactive atlas and our Canadian theme pages. This webinar begins with the basics (logins and passwords) and moves quickly through searches, the teacher center and builders, and classroom building through our online organizational tools.


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  1. Natalie Veldhoen said:

    Will each of the Wednesday webinars be the same content or are they going to highlight different content areas?

  2. Karen Goldman said:

    Hi Natalie! Our Canadian Webinar Fall Webinar Series on Wednesdays at 5pm CST will cover the same content each week.

    We offer Webinars that cover a broad base of topics. To access our entire Webinar list go to the Categories box on this page and click on the word Webinars.

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