Cablevision Day of Discovery

dsc03121.JPGThis week, Long Island regional teachers were treated to an amazing Day of Discovery at the Cablevision building in Bethpage.  Our very own Whitney Mihoulides organized a day full of STEM discussions and DEN information.  It was also a great opportunity to network with local DEN members.  

Our big treat of the day was a visit from Philippe Cousteau.  He thanked us all for doing what we do and urged us to continue pulling the United States into the frontrunners of STEM education. dsc03125.JPG

Some of the highlights:

Steve Dembo’s keynote really started us off well, reminding us about how our students are growing up in a digital age, differently than us, and we better be prepared for them.   He then moved on to presentations about Digital Stories and Extreme Education Make-Overs.  Lance Rougeux presented a Day in the Life of  a Discovery Educator and STEM Literacy.  Matt Monjan treated us to a view of Discovery Education Science, Discovery’s Administrative Site, and Free Tools to Use in the Classroom.  Other DEN presenters were Shannon Mulqueen, Kyle Schutt, Jeannine Shields, Whitney Mihoulides, and, yours truly, Lisa Parisi.  


During lunch, I got to sit with educators new to a Day of Discovery.  They told me how amazing the day was.  Heard at the table:

“I’ve never been to a conference like this before.  I thought it was going to be a small event.”

“Does the DEN have many events like this?  How do I find out about them?” (Of course I sent them right to this blog.)

If you were unable to attend or attended and would like a refresher, you can access the presentations, resources, and websites here.

Don’t forget about becoming a STAR.  Click here to find out how.

Didn’t get enough of the Day of Discovery?  Come join some webinars.  Look here for a full listing.

See you at the next event!


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