Webinar with Build It Bigger’s Danny Forster

(Reposted from Porter Palmer on the DEN National blog)

Mark your calendars! At 1pm ET on Monday, September 13th Danny Forster from the Science Channel’s Build It Bigger is joining us for a special webinar event “A New Way to Look at Architecture.” Danny loves architecture, from the curve of a building’s roof line to the mathematics at its foundation, and he’s excited to share! As the host of the Science Channel series Build It Bigger, Forster travels the world with a camera crew in search of incredible feats of architecture and engineering. He has explored the architecture of amazing skyscrapers, levees, cruise ship, and football stadiums. Together with your students, Danny will share specific examples and discuss the creation and features of these buildings that make them so unique. Not only will your students have the chance to participate and ask questions, but they’ll also walk away with a new perspective on these structures and a better understanding of the science behind them.

So, gather your students and join us.
Sept. 13, 2010
1:00pm ET

Click here for more info and to register.


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