DEN Favorite: Edmodo

Being a part of the Discovery Educator Network provides opportunities to explore a variety of technology tools that support education. One such tool that is a DEN favorite nationwide is Edmodo.


What is Edmodo? Edmodo is an online tool that provides educators with a place to communicate, collaborate, and share. By creating a free account, educators interact with students through an online classroom. Using various tools, teachers can post messages to solicit student responses using notes. A library media specialist can share files or links with other LMS across the state in support of Professional Learning Communities. A facilitator can post assignments and collect feedback using surveys for professional development within a school district. There is no “wrong” way to use Edmodo!

But the two most important qualities that make Edmodo a DEN favorite are the site’s ease of use and fantastic support from the creators. Whether you email or Tweet a question, the team at Edmodo has an incredible support network in place. And for busy teachers on the go, interacting with your Edmodo group is always available through the mobile site…and you guessed it, “there’s an app for that.”

DEN Leadership Councils and other DEN Stars had the opportunity to use Edmodo during week-long professional development through Discovery Education this summer. The site was a great way to share conversations, links and files as we discussed best practices and learned from one another. But what about you? Are you using Edmodo with students? Or maybe as a student? We want to know all about it! Leave a comment and share your experiences with Edmodo with the SC DEN. Haven’t used Edmodo yet? Let us know how you would like to use it and maybe you’ll get a chance to compare notes with other SC DEN members!

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