Gimli, Manitoba the Evergreen Summer Institute


If you haven’t heard of the city of Gimli it’s about time you knew a little about the teachers at Evergreen School Division in Gimli, Manitoba!  Not only are the teachers dynamic and creative, they are passionate about using digital technology in their classroom. Teachers were treated to two whole days of professional development at the Evergreen Summer Institute. They headed to Gimli High School early in the morning on a rainy day still on their summer holiday but were enthusiastic to boot!


The Evergreen Summer Institute offers teachers a two day professional opportunity. Even the neighboring division is invited and teachers may sign up for sessions which have open spots. They register online where they have at least six choices of sessions for each half day. Every year at least 80% of the teachers participate. Teachers rotated between sessions as they enjoyed a day learning new skills and ways to create fresh and dynamic classroom curriculum.

Discovery Education provided an overview of the Canadian-specific content on our site as well as an overview of streaming; including how to search for media, integrate media, create classrooms and assign assignments and more! Not only were the teachers supportive of one another’s learning, they were enthusiastic to add Discovery Education in their classroom curriculum.
Lloyd Roche, a DEN Star, commented on the teacher experience:
“Today the teachers were congratulating us on providing such a useful and interesting session on DE. The found it very valuable. I am positive we will have almost every teacher using Discovery Education because of the enthusiasm generated by your session on Discovery Education streaming. Our teachers work well together and they learn from each other, so the use of Discovery Education will increase in every school. THANK YOU!!! You have made a difference already! Teachers have praised the Discovery Education session and some even said they could have spent a whole day and more of professional development learning about Discovery Education.”
Lloyd Roche, Technology Consultant at Evergreen School Division


Looking forward to hearing about the teachers’ progress and knowledge as they become part of the Discovery Star Community.


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