Why I love Discovery Education!!

Unfortunately, much to my dismay…this summer’s DEN Summer Institute was held during the same exact week that I was already scheduled to attend another event in Washington, D.C. You can only image how torn I was inside knowing that I was going to miss out on so much fun and amazing learning but here’s the great thing about reading the DEN blog… Someone is always posting a resource that I can use in my classroom. I can learn something new every single week.

If you haven’t already seen it…there’s an excellent video this week on how to use DE and VoiceThread to create an Interactive Book Talk. Created by Texas DEN Star, Shelly Locke, this simple tutorial will take you step by step, through the process of creating a wonderful tool that can be used in your Reading block, in any content area course, basically you can be as creative as you want!! With all the wonderful resources available on DE and with free access to VoiceThread for educators, the potential for these interactive book talks are endless! I’d love you to share yours…once you create it! I’ll be posting mine in a short while… I hope you enjoy this resource and keep posted to the Florida blog for more great resources to come!!!

VoiceThread www.voicethread.com
Shelly Locke’s Interactive book talk video

Posted by: Susanna Livingston (EducatorsHelper: http://educatorshelper.edublogs.org)


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