Be Bold in the New School Year!

For many of us in Maryland, the school year has begun. Like many of you out there reading this blog, I love being an educator! No matter how old I get, I love new school supplies because it is the mark of a new year. While there is always a ton to do to prepare for the students, it is wonderful having a fresh start. New students, new parents, new challenges, new lessons, and new goals. Unlike other professions, every year seems completely different, it never gets old.


This writer is marking year ten as a teacher and couldn’t be happier, despite the rumor that I was leaving the classroom. As usual I have lots of goals and inspirations for the year, but I think the most important one is my promise to BE BOLD! This covers many aspects including my lessons and my participation in my school. We have always encouraged our students to be risk-taskers and now we should model it. Being bold is not being crazy, but being able to try something new and being able to risk failure.  Being bold could take all different forms….


  1. Using new lessons
  2. Trying Twitter or Second Life for the first time
  3. Starting a new club for students
  4. Starting a new club for teachers
  5. Speaking out at a faculty meeting
  6. Write a grant
  7. Take on a leadership role at school
  8. Start a blog or journal to reflect
  9. Try something new outside of school
  10. Becoming a DEN Star educator


We would love to hear the ways you are being bold or even thinking differently!



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