Welcome Back!

 Welcome back to a new and challenging school year!  I say challenging because according to dictionary.com, ‘challenging’ can mean “difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.”  In a nutshell, this somewhat describes all that we do in education.  Our jobs are difficult but can be very stimulating to those who are truly engaged in the process. And when we talk about ‘engaging’, we know how much technology can energize and excite learners both young and old!

As the Chairperson for the Massachusetts Discovery Education Leadership Committee, it was my honor to spend time this past July with some of our other members at the DEN Leadership Council Symposium at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.  What an exhausting, challenging, yet exciting week!  Robin Talkowski, our Blog Chairperson, Marybeth O’Brien, our Events Chairperson, Paula Marini, Events Team Member and I shared a dorm room/suite for the week.  We worked alongside Lance, Steve, Matt, Whitney, Jen, and so many others from Discovery to learn how to best support you in the classroom.  What a week..! Peter Reynolds, Chris Dede, November Learning Conference… Cheers? 70’s Night..?  Cafeteria food?  It was a blast.. 🙂

The Leadership Council is growing and we hope that you too will consider joining this team if you feel compelled to take things to the next step.  Be on the lookout for events that this committee will be planning for you.  STAR members, remember to keep your status updated!

On a fun note.. one cool tool I learned about at the Symposium was Zooburst, a 3D popup book creator (http://zooburst.com/).  The new rage is ‘augmented reality’ where you are immersed into the technology in some way.  Zooburst not only lets you create online popup books but allows you to superimpose yourself into the background via your computer’s webcam.. how cool is that?  These are the things that excite me and keep me engaged!  What keeps you engaged?


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