Step by Step Mash-Up

monkey.pngOne of the fun sessions for me at the DEN Summer Institute was “Media Mashups.“For a webinar follow-up, folks requested a step-by-step on how to do it. Here it is, later in this post.  Basically, it is how to go to a Web2.0 content creation site, like Blabberize or Gizmoz, screen capture the self-created content there so it’s on the desktop, then edit it into a wordlechromakeyi.pngteaching or learning asset with free editing tools, like MovieMaker or iMovie. Once it’s on the desktop, it can be mashed up with an editable clip from DEstreaming, original student videos, stills from PowerPoint, chromkeyed, etcl.  Thought this would be worth sharing.  So here is the pdf and the PowerPoint. (PS  Permission was granted for the capture by the Web 2.0 sites involved, as explained in the presentation here). Also, the overview of what can be done is here, pdf, ppt.  Also, for a limited time, there will be video clips mtrushmore.pngon a wiki for the presentation (in the correct order, too!).  Most of these are winners from the California Student Media Festival, but some are mashups of winners and editable DE streaming videos.The last one is a mashup of winning student work, a PowerPoint slide, a Tagul  (an interative, wordle-like Web 2.0 site), and a Blabberize of Mt. Rushmore. Actually, that’s next-to-last.  Last is an “outtake” of Lincoln fighting with Teddy Roosevelt (with Matt Monjan as Roosevelt). Both of these were also featured at ISTE 2010.  The “outtake” is possible because Blabberize will make more than one moving mouth.

Some videos were also made with CrazyTalk. And, since you can never get enough of closed/open captions on a PC, a pdf and ppt on how to do that is here.  Big tip o’ the blog hat to Mr. Monjan for this.  Remember, a step-by-step how-to for the mashups is here–including a little chromakey tip. Enjoy.  Let me know if it’s useful. And kudos to the teachers and student winners of the CSMF and the DEN for their great work. – Hallmoviemakerbluescreen.png


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