Verona School District Gets Creative!

Staff Members from the Verona Area School District Learn Creative Ways to Integrate Technology into All Curricular AreasThis summer, nearly 40 staff members representing all schools from the Verona Area School District participated in the 2nd Annual T3 (Transforming Teaching with Technology) laptop program.

Members of the T3 laptop program were each issued a mac laptop, complete with incredible creative software such as the iLife and iWork Suite.   This unique staff development model allowed staff members an opportunity to attend 4.5 days of intense training in the summer, with ongoing staff development planned throughout the year (meeting approximately once a month).

During the week, staff members had an opportunity to spend a half day learning about Discovery Streaming and the many new features of the website.  There were plenty of new things to check out especially under the featured content section.  Anyone has access to these features (even if not a Discovery Streaming member) so check these out at

These are just a few of the featured areas
Science of Everyday Life
Energy Balance: 101
Explore the Blue
Web 20.10
Siemens STEM Academy
Think Green
New Teacher Survial Kit
NASA at 50
Brain Boosters

and more….

Thanks to DEN STAR Rita Mortenson for providing this post.


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