Adventures in Parenting Week: September 13 – 17, 2010

Discovery Health Adventures in Parenting: A Must View!

From my favorite classroom and beyond professional development resource, and a site I just love to visit because of its daily relevance, Discovery Health offers a wonderful resource for parents and educators alike, Adventures in Parenting. This site is my safety net in the classroom because everything Discovery Education offers in its educational toolbox is vetted and safe to use. But I also embrace Discovery for its authentic learning, teaching, and assessment. It’s just the most relevant way to learn on the planet, and they have an overabundance of resources.

See if Adventures in Parenting is for you.

Every parent is confronted with challenges when raising a child; however, not all challenges are created equal. From September 13 through September 17, Discovery Health offers a look into families coping with remarkable parenting challenges with ADVENTURES IN PARENTING, an all-new weeklong programming event. With premiere specials airing nightly, ADVENTURES IN PARENTING profiles parents confronting diverse family issues, ranging from raising a child genius, to tackling childhood obesity, to caring for a child with Tourette’s syndrome.

 If it is, check your local guide for channel and airing times.


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