Don’t Miss Webinars for Next Week (Sept. 13-17)

We have a full week of webinars planned for next week. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all. Here’s your one stop guide to what’s going on. (All times listed are eastern)

Bring your students and join Build It Bigger‘s Danny Forster for A New Way To Look At Architecture

7pm- Get a refresher on DE Streaming with Discovery Streaming 101

9am to 7pm- Fifth Annual STREAM-A-THON is 10 hours of information-packed sessions about integrating digital content into the curriculum.

7pm- Learn more about DE Science with Discovery Education Science Elementary 101

7pm- Interested in an advanced degree? Check out Discovery Education Wilkes University Instructional Media Program

Find out how you can help improve each child’s health every day from Healthy Classroom, Healthy Kids with special guests Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, Danielle Marshall, and Dominique Dawes

7pm- Learn more about DE Science with Discovery Education Science Middle School 101

7pm-  Explore how students today think differently by attending Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn, featuring Dr. Larry Rosen

Learn more about DE Health with Discovery Education Health 101

So, there you have it. Go on, click on those links and register!


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