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Something DEN STARS learned at the PETE&C DENPreCon 2009 and the DEN Summer Institute 2010 is paying BIG dividends, really taking us beyond the textbook. Our opening day at Salisbury Township School District in Allentown, PA had a different and exciting look and feel. It began with 20 presentations by teachers, administrators, support staff, and students in various combinations, with non-presenting personnel selecting one session to attend. What intelligent design was at work, and you could feel the charge in the air. It was dynamic.

I chose to attend a presentation I missed this summer when DEN STAR Jennifer Brinson, Leadership Council Events organizer gave a similar preso at LCTI. It had a familiar ring, since it was Dr. Lodge McCammon’s curriculum innovation. Loosely borrowing the Common Craft concept of explanations in plain English, McCammon creates his own music and lyrics and sets learners free to make their own movie, making a difficult concept simple.

Brinson added an element that is becoming a hallmark of her presentations; she added value by having students from the District’s Digital Aces program show teachers, administrators, and school board members attending how to learn and teach the Lodge McCammon way. Given the constraints of time, Brinson had the students demonstrate how the project comes together, and then she filmed the students’ presentation. The video from start to finish took under 5 minutes to tape.
Here’s the simple version of how to do this project.

  1. Give students a topic; let them self-select teams (3-4 works well, but can be done with up to 5).
  2. Research the topic and create a script.
  3. Find and print images. Color is great, but b&w works well and is the trademark of Common Craft.
  4. Type your labels.
  5. Decide script sharing (who reads what when).
  6. Practice.
  7. Film the project using a FLIP camera.
  8. Edit, if necessary, and upload wherever you house student work.

It’s that simple.


Next steps.

Digital Storyboarding


 Final Steps…Editing…Uploading




Additional Opening Day resources can be found here.


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