SU2C + Discovery Health = Lifesaving

An excellent digital resource from Discovery Education

One of my favorite cancer resources is Discovery Health, and I use it in the classroom, even though I teach English. Why?

  1. Because this product has relevance to every curriculum.
  2. Cancer touches every family.
  3. I have students battling cancer, as well as their family members.
  4. Art imitates life, and literature, print and non-print media, increasingly explores health, wellness and diseases in writing life.
  5. Because I am rewired digitally, and while not an iGeneration, I teach them, and they make an impact on my daily life, in and out of the classroom. So does Discovery Health.
  6. And because I have cancer.
  7. Because I am beating back cancer with resources available to me in a format I embrace — Discovery Health.
Airs tonight!

I learned about SU2C because it appeared in Discovery Health when I accessed it to use for a classroom concept. Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives, so I don’t always watch TV, read magazines (hard copy, at least), and I almost never ever read a newspaper. What I grab and go with happens via social networking and classroom preparations, aka lesson planning. That’s how I found out that I will be watching Stand Up To Cancer tonight at 8 PM Eastern.
And to be honest, anything that can improve the quality of life, improve a lifestyle, or save a life–that’s for me. Thank you, Discovery Health, for really making your products authentic, relevant, and well, lifesaving.

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