Back to School with Voki in Education (and DE)

Psst…don’t forget to listen to the sample Voki at the bottom of this post. (And Steve, 90 seconds, 1 take – I can do it.)

Ad free for you and me!

An interesting newsletter in my inbox offers something I have wanted for a long time, an ad-free Voki. I discovered Voki when it appeared on Jennifer Dorman’s Cliotech blog. But by the time I got around to creating Vokis for my 4 blogs, they were no longer ad-free. Now we all have the opportunity for a limited time to create advertising-free Vokis as a back-to-school gift to educators. The newsletter didn’t say how long, so jump on this one.

Coming soon–Voki for Education. There are several new features, and I’m liking them all.

The New Voki for Education will include:

• Voki Lesson Plan database: Find out how other educators are using Voki in their   classrooms;
• Teachers’ Corner: Communicate with like-minded educators around the world, inspire and get inspired, share Voki tips, join relevant educational discussions;
• Community: Get to know educators and students from other countries, use Voki to start a conversation;
• Newbie’s Corner: Savvy Voki users will have the opportunity to support our new users with their first steps

Now ad free!

When I previewed my post to date (a new Blogger feature I use constantly), I noticed that my Voki was actually ad-free, so if you already have a Voki, it will now be sans ads, but not sure for how long. Because I am a blogger and a teacher of students in an English curriculum, I have my students create a blog each year using Edublogs, the site famous for their blogging awards. But I was really reluctant to have them create Vokis, since the advertising changes, cannot be removed from the code, and could potentially not meet districts’ fair use standards. With Vokis for Education, I’m in, and I know my students will enjoy creating theirs. Now, how can I use this with Discovery Education products. Hmmmm….I’m on it.

Get a Voki now!


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  1. Megan said:

    In a world of video games and avatars, this is a fantastic way to get kids excited about learning! It’s a great introduction to public speaking as well! This way, the kids are still verbally sharing what they know, but they’re face and picture isn’t the main focus of the listener.

    Thanks for the great website! 🙂

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