Resources for Personalizing your Instruction

Teachers, we are out of the honeymoon phase with our students. You know, the phase where students listen intently and participate fully. Now that school feels routine, it is time to put your best teaching tools and tricks of the trade to work, so that your students will continue to give maximum effort.  Hopefully, you learned some new tricks and tools with the Streamathon on Tuesday. I know some of the best tools I learned from the Streamathon, were the classroom and parent resources, that are available on the Discovery Streaming log in page without even signing in.  These are great resources to help you personalize learning and differentiate instruction in your classroom. I use them in centers to help reinforce skills while I do reading or math groups.  They are also excellent resources to share with parents. Why?  This is the time of year when parents begin worrying about how to help their child at home with math, reading comprehension,and other subjects as well. If you look under parent resources their are some excellent tutorials, web sites and video clips to help parents practice and relearn concepts at home. Parents will appreciate that they have a free place to go that helps reinforce concepts and skills, besides paying a tutor to help their child. By using these easy to get resources your teaching will be personalized to your needs, and your student’s needs, which will help you transition from that honeymoon phase to the challenging but engaging routine of learning.


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