Tech Overload?!?!

At our monthly technology committee meeting today, there was a theme that resounded among everyone present: we just might be experiencing technology overload! I have to admit that I did not fully believe that this could happen, because I love my technology. I am a Media Specialist, for Pete’s sake! Suddenly, however, it seems like we are at a crossroads with the many resources coming our way. For example, in my district, I assist users with PowerSchool, Destiny, Novell, Blackboard, Moodle, United Streaming, STAR Reading and Math, MELCat, Facebook… Those are all that I can think of at the moment, but I am sure there are more! I believe in the value of these, and many more, resources; however, I hear my fellow committee members loud and clear when they vent about the overload of usernames, passwords, websites, and so forth that they must manage.

I am crazy about Google tools and use those to help keep my information organized. If I can’t access my spreadsheets, my brain is nearly paralyzed.  I have also dabbled with Delicious and Diigo. I’m curious to know what tools others are using to manage their resources and to keep their technology tools from turning into technology overload. Please share your ideas here, and help others to get their ducks in a row as we glide into another school year!


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