Technology Brainstorm

As we begin a new school year, let’s share some ways that we incorporate technology into our classrooms. I  am currently using technology in a variety of ways in my Reading classes, and would love to hear about what others are doing!

Here are some of the tools I am currently using, as well as a few additional ideas about how I plan to use these tools in the near future.

Moodle: I have created courses for each of my reading classes, and this will be a helpful way for them to stay organized and have access to class notes and projects from anywhere. They will also be using the discussion forum to engage in discussions about the content they read, as well as the strategies they are learning in class. In addition, my students will become more accustomed to completing and submitting assignments online.

Wallwisher: As we begin a novel this week, students will post their questions and inferences on the wall, after reading each chapter. I have also created a Wallwisher to display the essential questions we will focus on this year. This wall is linked to each of my Moodle courses. This tool could also be used for brainstorming, ordering or sorting information, classroom contracts, or displaying goals for the year. This tool is easy to use and the possibilities are endless!

SpellingCity: I love this site! Teachers can create their own spelling lists, and measure student progress quickly and easily. There are a variety of spelling activities to choose from, and the best part is that the students actually enjoy practicing the spelling skills they are being taught.

Voicethread: My students started the year by introducing themselves to the class with a Voicethread. As the year continues, they will use this tool to for summarizing, taking notes, and presenting their ideas about the texts they are reading in class. Students will also engage in book talks using Voicethread.

Glogster: This year, my students will use this tool to learn new vocabulary, and teach it to their classmates. Each student can create their own interactive poster board, presenting their vocabulary word, as well as images, synonyms, antonyms, sentences and audio containing their vocabulary words.

 Tween Tribune: This is a great site, where students can find news articles on a variety of topics. Students also have the opportunity to post comments, and read the responses of others, as well as post their own original articles. This site can provide the opportunity for students to make real world connections to the content they are learning in their classes. I will be using this site in class, as a way to provide my students with the opportunity to choose what they want to read about and discuss.

Diigo: Although I am new to Diigo, I am excited about how I might use it with students. I love that students can collaboratively read a text, and highlight it or post sticky notes. By posting notes myself, I can model my thought process while reading a piece of text. This tool could also be used to teach students how to evaluate sources, when gathering information for a paper or project. Students could be asked to bookmark only those online sources they felt were credible. These sources could then be evlauated by the whole class.

So, those are some of the tools I am using this year. Now it’s your turn to share- what tools are you using in the classroom, and how are you using them?


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  1. Donna Criswell said:

    What a great idea – sharing tools and resources we actually use is very helpful!

  2. Robin Talkowski said:

    I have also used Glogster as a presentation platform. Students get tired of seeing Power Points. With the Glog students can see the whole “picture” what you will be talking about. Then you can click on each part of your lecture and have a video embedded, a link to a web site, etc.

  3. Stephanie Golas said:

    Great ideas! I just checked out Wallwisher and can certainly see myself using it with my students in the very near future. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Donna Criswell said:

    I’ve used Wallwisher as a way to get agenda ideas for meetings prior to!

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