By Your Request- DE Middle School Science Interactive Glossary and 5 Minute Preps

Attention all Middle School Science Teachers:

Did you know that you have access to a powerful resource called Discovery Education Science Middle School?  Purchased by the State of Connecticut, every middle school teacher in CT has access to this resource which is aligned to the CT State Science Standards.  If you have not used it yet and do not know how to get an account, please contact your local district to acquire a passcode.

Did you know that Discovery Education just added by popular demand an Interactive Glossary and 5 Minute Preps to their Discovery Education Science Middle School?

The Interactive Glossary contains 660 glossary terms that contain a definition, an animation, images, and a video for each glossary term.  Instead of trying to verbally define certain science terms, teachers can now go into DE Science Middle School and show students a visual explanation in an animated format.

The 5 Minute Preps are flash and powerpoint based and cover the key elements that teachers need to focus on to prepare for each unit within Discovery Education Science Middle School.  It covers what students would need to know after the concept is taught.  In addition, it reviews for the teacher all of the Discovery Education materials they need to teach the concept including handouts, web site links, virtual labs, and simulations.



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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    These are great, Lynn. On a Discovery Middle School Science I learned how to save a segment to “my content” so you can deliver it to a student or a class. You have to click on “advanced search,” and put glossary terms into the keyword search. There you find the word you want, and you’ll see an option for saving to your content. I’m sure you already knew this, but I figured I’d comment for benefit of others. Thanks for all your great work on the CT panel.

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