It's a Wrap! Max Kleene Concert

There was a great turn out for the Max Kleene concert on September 22 at the DEN in SL ! This Canadian with the awesome voice performed live from Niagara Falls, Canada, for not only teachers in attendance but several of his loyal followers who never want to miss a performance. What was especially terrific was that Max filled in with barely a day’s notice when scheduled performer Harper Messmer couldn’t be there. He provided his own audio stream and in addition to relaxing numbers and also ones that made you want to get up and move (and we did!) he had a lot of great things to say about educators and the important job we do.

You can follow Max’s music scene by subscribing to his Second Life group, Rhythm Collective and view some images he has posted. Here is another YouTube video featuring Max’s sound. In some of the pics and videos you will see his “tipping cow”. Many artists put out a tip jar to help defray expenses; Max has a tipping cow. Very clever. We hope to have him back some time in the future, and Harper as well.

Stay tuned for more events as we approach Tech or Treat, the DEN Virtual Conference, on October 23.

Emilia Cornwall has also shared her Picasa slideshow of the event. Thanks, Emilia!


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