MD and VA DENS Collaborate for FALL Virtual Conference

THIS JUST IN: UFOs spotted over Silver Spring, MD

Area 51 East

Un-conference Facilitators Organize

Plans are underway with our neighbors in Virginia to host an in-person un-conference in conjunction with the Tech 0r Treat Virtual Conference on October 23rd.


Centered around the theme of “51 WAYS”, DEN members from both states will gather at Area 51 EAST, better known as 1 Discovery Place in Silver Spring, MD to explore new tools for digital story telling using Discovery Education resources. Rumor has it, we will be able to use the green room, (hopefully without little green men), and even snag a preview of the soon-to-be launched: 3D Discovery  Channel.

Seating will be limited so stay tuned for the registration link here soon!

If you can’t make it on October 23rd in person, join the virtual conference where ever you are. It is packed with awesome sessions. Check out the National blog for details.


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  1. Gary said:

    The Virtual Conference was an exciting opportunity to gather new technologies for the classroom! I enjoyed all of the presenters and their materials/topics.

  2. melissa said:

    I have pics of that UFO over Silver Spring. I live in the neighborhood close to Discovery. Let me know if you want them.

  3. Gary said:

    I just sent a link to the various Web2.0 tools we were exposed to at the Conference. Hope I will get a response from the teachers that is positive.

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