Glogster, Edmodo & Wikispaces… Oh YES!

The folks at Glogster EDU have been busy, busy, busy! If you aren’t aware of the latest updates to the platform… then continue reading this post. As a Glogster Ambassador, I am constantly using the product and answering questions about this awesome learning tool via email and Skype… or at various presentations that I have given over the past few months. One of the things that make Glogster stand out as an amazing learning platform with both teachers and students is the fact that the company truly listens to its users. Feedback is very important to the success of the product… and the Glogster folks GET that.untitled_6.jpeg

This summer I had the opportunity to meet up with Jim Dachos, (Education Manager) Ivana Klinderova, (from Prague) and alot of fellow DEN Stars who are also Glogster Ambassadors at ISTE in Denver, and again at the Discovery Summer Institute in Boston, MA. Andrew Connelly and Patrik Prepsl, who is Co-Founder of Glogster were also in Boston to share the excitement of the product and deliver the awesome news that all those in attendance would receive a free year subscription of Glogster EDU Premium.. It was great to see the interest and support the staff showed. We had great conversation about the product and the direction it was heading. The launtitled_5.jpegtest changes show continual growth and partnerships with  many of our other favorite Web 2.0 applications.

untitled_3.jpegThe first ultimately COOL addition to Glogster is the one click EDMODO button that you can find at the bottom of your finished Glog.  By simply clicking the button, you can share out your Glogster page with your Edmodo community.  The DEN summer institute crew in Boston was priveledged to spend some time (in room 105 none the less) with Jeff O’Hara, co-founder of Edmodo. Jeff provided a great workshop to further educate attendees on this dynamic platform. If you aren’t familiar with Edmodo, it is a FREE private social learning platform for teachers and students. It is easy for students to navigate through and interact with others without sharing too much personal edmodo-cake.jpginformation. Edmodo also just recently celebrated its 2nd birthday. With over 500,000 users and counting, this site has definitely taken off !

untitled_2.jpegThe second, and most recent addition to Glogster is the ability to add Glogster to a wikispace without embedding HTML code. When I first heard this, I was psyched. Talk about convenient! I use Glogster all the time in a wikispace. The one thing I noticed, is that by avoiding the HTML code, you are getting a slightly smaller, scaled-down version of your Glog on the wikispace. (Which really isn’t a big deal) I love the ease of use this new way offers for students, but for my own personal use, I will probably stick to the HTML codes. 🙂

There are more changes in store for Glogster EDU, and it’s always exciting to hear how this company continues to ‘blaze new frontiers’  in education. Below, you’ll see links to further highlights of Glogster EDU’s accomplishments.

images The New York Times Learning Network recommended Glogster EDU as a top technology site for teachers in the category of Design of Interactive Presentations.

images The American Association of School Librarians listed Glogster EDU as a Top 25 Website for Teaching and Learning and judged Glogster EDU to be #1 in their category.



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  1. Lea Anne Daughrity said:

    This is such an awesome opportunity to share the easy new pieces with fellow teachers in our district. Thanks Traci for sharing such great information with us!

  2. Otilia said:

    These wikis are great. I am using Edmodo this school year, and we started our posters with Glogster last year. Learning English goes hand in hand with technology in my classes.

  3. Jenna said:

    The ability to add Glogster to a wikispace space without embedding a HTML code is very exciting. Now, students can post their Glogs to the class Wiki where parents can access their work. Parents can note their child’s progress, accomplishments, and also see other students work. Before this was a problem because my elementary students would hide their passwords and deny their parents access to their pages at home, or parents wouldn’t take the time to learn how to sign on to Glogster.

    Parents and students can also access science videos, experiments, songs, poetry, and class notes from my Glog posted on the class wiki. What an easy way for parents and students to study together at home. No textbook needed!

    Thank you for the new information. Now students can transfer their Glogs on to the wikispace.

  4. Lori Baxter said:

    This post is full of wonderful, useful information. I first learned about Glogster in a graduate class last year, and have found it to be truly useful in my classroom. I can say it has been an effective tool to get my students actively involved in their learning. I like that it provides students the opportunity to extend and refine their learning and have fun at the same time. It is a great way to put some of that “f” word back in education.

  5. Beth O\\\'Connor said:

    This is all great news. I have already tried the one button send to Edmodo and it works great. My students have just been introduced to Edmodo and they seem to like it very much. They also enjoy making Glogsters.

    I also love hearing that Glogster is listening to it\\\’s users. So many companies do not so I find it incredible refreshing to hear of those that do.

  6. Leo Trader Pro said:

    The amount of information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. Your blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. Great stuff; please keep it up!

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