Consider Participating in 'I am NYSCATE' & Win

This just in (copy/pasted from an email to me):And yes, that would be FULL conference registration AND two (2) nights at a hotel!!! WOOHOO!

A message to all members of NYSCATE

What makes you NYSCATE?NYSCATE means so many things to so many people. We want to know more about what NYSCATE means to you, and so does our membership. Participate in our “I am NYSCATE” video contest and you could win you a trip to NYSCATE 2010!Members are invited to create their own video (via video camera, webcam, mobile phone, etc.) that describes their experience(s) and benefits they receive as a member. NYSCATE will add user submissions to its custom YouTube playlist, “I Am NYSCATE”.Prize:One (1) full conference registration and two (2) nights hotel to Annual Conference held November 21-23, 2010 in Rochester, NY.Deadline for Entry:
October 31, 2010 – Winners announced first week in November.How to Participate

1. Create a video around the theme “I am NYSCATE.” (see Suggested Prompts below)2. Use YouTube to upload your video to the web3. You may need to create a YouTube account or you can sign in using a Google Account.4. Title your video “I am NYSCATE”5. Tag the video “iamnyscate” (no quotation marks)6. Copy/Paste the URL (web address) of your video in an email to bsmith@nyscate.org7. Share by telling your friends, family and colleagues to vote for your video by clicking on the Like button below your video.If you need help with this process, use the this screencast ( which shows how to create a YouTube account, upload your video submission, title/tag it appropriately, and email the URL (web address) of your video.Suggested Prompts

• How does NYSCATE help you transform teaching and learning?• How do you benefit from being a member of NYSCATE?• What’s great about the annual NYSCATE conference?• What do you look forward to most about NYSCATE’s Annual Conference?• How has NYSCATE challenged you?• How has your practice changed as a result of NYSCATE and the opportunities it has facilitated?Rules

• All NYSCATE members are eligible to submit a video for the contest*• Video must start and end with the following statement “I am NYSCATE.”• One submission per participant• Full name, email, phone, and school/affiliation in your email submission• Specific video criteria• 2 minute or less in length• All media used in the production of the video should abide by copyright and provide proper attribution* NYSCATE Conference committee members and Board of Directors can create and submit video, but are ineligible to win.NYSCATE also requests that you give your video a Creative Commons license of “share alike” so that it may use and possibly remix video submissions.

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