Yudu: Read & Publish


YUDU: “It’s a free library of digital content to read and explore. Find eBooks, magazines, and other documents as well as photos, music, podcasts and bookmarks to add to your own library.” {http://www.yudu.com/}

Upload pdf or other types of documents and create a free published document. You can then share this document via Email, or add it to your Website, Wiki, Blog, etc. Your document can be viewed by all or made private and only viewed by those who receive your invite.

Explore the Education Category and see what is available. Be sure to view the books created by students to get ideas how this resource could be used at your school. Parents and grandparents would love to see their child’s work published. Art teachers could create a published example of the schools art work. The possibilities are endless.

Note: Not all publications may be suitable for school.  Making your publications private and sending the link to those who you wish to view your document(s) is advised.

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