Aviary Education

Great News for DEN Stars and DEN readers!!!  Aviary Education… 


…is creating a site just for educators!! Right now, this site is in BETA testing and is completely free to educators, and if I were you, I would ‘jump’ on the opportunity immediately!

This BETA site is loaded with tutorials and the most amazing tools you could ever want, need, possess, without having to pay a cent out of pocket! So what exactly is the good news for DEN Stars and DEN readers??

If you mention that you read this post on the DEN blog, mention Discovery Education, or give them this code Discovery01, you will jump to the top of the BETA list! That’s GREAT news since the list is hundreds, if not thousands, of educators long!!

How do you get this opportunity started? Follow the steps below…

1.   Go to http://www.aviaryeducation.com/

2.    Click on the yellow button that states “Request Free Beta” It looks like this…request_free_beta.png

3.     Once you click on that button,  you’ll be directed to enter your information… Do not forget to enter the code  Discovery01 and/or remember to mention Discovery Education and that you read this post on the Florida DEN!

Once you get the email that you’ve been accepted, you can start creating, amazing projects for and with your students.

Once you do start creating, please send your videos, creations, pictures, to us and we’ll post them here on the Florida DEN!!!

Written by: Susanna Livingston http://educatorhelper.edublogs.org


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