Turn Your Computer into a Whiteboard

Any teacher who has had access to a StarBoard, Promethean Board, or Interactive Whiteboard, etc. is lost when it malfunctions or for whatever reason is no longer accessible. Tablet PC’s may be used in a similar manner. True the functionalities and application tools may not be as top-notch, but any port in a storm. Well skrbl.com has answered your prayers!


Skrbl is an easy online whiteboard that allows for multi-users to work together to sketch, text, share files, upload pictures and more all via URL.

Create a FREE account and begin your brainstorm for the next writing assignment! Upload a diagram and have students label the parts.

Go to: http://skrbl.com/more.aspx to learn how easy it is…here is a mini tutorial found on the site!

Use file menu – ‘email invite’ to email an invite to your skrbl whiteboard, your guests get a link to click on, OR give your skrbl URL to your friends.

To write a note – just click on the blank screen and start typing.

To edit a note click on an existing note and edit.

To switch between drawing and text mode click on the Draw or Text button.

To upload a picture or a file use the File menu.

The file menu also shows you a list of pictures and files you already have online.

To manage your whiteboards, pictures or files, go to your ‘My skrbls’ page.

Click and drag to move a note around the skrbl board.

Simple and easy online multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together. Sketch, text, share files, upload pictures all in one common shared space. There are no new tools to learn, nothing to download, nothing to install. Brainstorm on our simple whiteboard to start thinking together, everyone sees the same screen, everybody gets on the same page.

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