"Scene" Around MD

DEN STARS in Maryland are very lucky to work in such a beautiful state.  When Laura posted that cool map (see her July blog post if you missed it earlier) I started thinking about how we could share our lovely state with the other state DENs.  This year our DEN is exploring digital storytelling, and we all know that “every picture tells a story, don’t it?” (Stewart, R. 1971). So what better way to tell our story, then through photographs!

Every month we will post a picture and little info about our great state through the eyes of our STARS. This month we will start with the spectacular view of the Patuxent River from the family summer home of moi.  We have enjoyed the abundant crab and rock fish harvest from St.Mary’s County for over 40 years.  Everyday bald eagles and great blue herons fly by.

In this photograph you are looking east, down river towards the Chesapeake Bay. You will have to agree, it is spectacular!

Patuxent River in MD


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