What are your favorite outdoor lessons and activities?

As the weather begins to cool, South Carolinians can once again enjoy the outdoors without being drenched in heat…and humidity!

The drop in temperature brings all sorts of changes like the return of football, the changing colors of leaves, and longer shadows on the ground. All of these changes become teachable moments that we can use with students.

What does a quarterback need to know about “physics” to get his football into a receiver’s hands?

Why do leaves begin to change colors? And how can a collection of leaves be sorted?

How long is your shadow in the morning? How long is it in the afternoon? Why did that change?

Discovery Educators know how to make learning engaging and fun. So as the temperature starts to drop, we want to know what kinds of outdoor activities you have planned with your students. Will you be star-gazing? Are you going to measure pumpkins? Does your class write ghost stories?

Take a minute to post a comment that highlights some of your favorite lessons or units that you teach during the change in season! You don’t need to a post a formal lesson plan, but please include the content area and grade level that you work with so that we can share with our fellow DEN members.

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