NCSTA Share-a-Thon

Are you looking to become more involved in NCSTA and building up your teacher portfolio?  Do you need an artifact for Standards I, III, and V for your Teacher Evaluation this year?  Do you have “too much stuff” and are getting in trouble with the fire marshall /administration?  Are you a science community member and want to get the word out about a program?   If so, please consider contributing to the NCSTA Share-a-Thon at the NCSTA Professional Development Institute in Greensboro on Friday November 12th, from 10:30-11:30AM.


What’s a Share-a-Thon?

During this session, teacher presenters for all age groups bring 100 copies to share of a lesson, show a favorite demonstration, or share a resource.  If you are accumulating a bunch of things in your room you no longer use, this is also a good place to drop things off for the hour.  Teachers who attend this session will walk around and gather resources quickly and efficiently.

What’s In It For Me?

During the Session, copies of everyone else’s hand-outs will be gathered for you.  You will also receive a letter/artifact for your teacher evaluation for these standards: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership, Teachers Know the Content They Teach, and Teachers Reflect on their Practice.

How Can I Participate?

Please send an e-mail to Carrie Jones (, District 3 Director.  When responding indicate:

Name/Contact Information (e-mail/phone) / School or Program

Content Area (Chemistry, Earth, Biology, Physics, General, Pedagogy, etc.)

Grade Level(s)

Name of Demo/Activity/Program to Promote

Please send this information to by October 31st.

To learn more about the Professional Development Institute and to register visit

Photo Credit: Sharing by ryancr


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