Discovery Education goes live on the iPad!

ipad-on-de.jpgDiscovery Education revolutionized education almost ten years ago by being the first company to introduce streaming educational media into America’s classrooms. Now, we are revolutionizing education again by launching a new iPad-optimized version of our streaming platform, the only educational streaming service scientifically shown to improve academic achievement. If you’re already a subscriber, you can access it right now using your current DE login information. Visit and you will gain access to more than 33,000 videos that are available to stream immediately, and have been digitized specifically for the iPad’s incredible screen.

Discovery Education’s ground-breaking iPad web app is focused on student exploration of safe and appropriate educational content.   Whether assigned by their teacher, or spurred by their own imagination, students can explore thousands of video clips covering all core, K-12 curriculum areas. Students can find content using Discovery Education’s targeted keyword search, or explore content via the visual subject browse.

Additional features of the Discovery Education web app include:

* A new browse function allowing users to search two level deep on a given subject from the home page
* Touch navigation for scrolling through search results and player pages
* A refined design providing students access to the best content in a manner that is native to the tablet form factor and touch interface
* The ability to filter search results by subject, which helps users view content by criteria including most popular, recently added or best match

If you have an iPad, what are you waiting for??  Visit now to check it out for yourself!  And if you want to learn more information about the release, visit


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