Top 10 DEN Blog Posts #10

Greetings, Blogosphere!
I know many STAR Discovery Educators have been reading the DEN blogs since they (the blogs, that is) were born, but many of you may not have thoroughly investigated the archives. Now, we do our fair share of making sure the blogs are used to give you the information you need about what’s happening in the DEN. The blogs are also used to share great instructional resources, webinar archives, and other nuggets of DEN gold.

I’ve been digging through the archives and reading posts from the past years and thought I’d share some of my favorites. Since it is 10/10/10, that seems like the perfect time to start the countdown.

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Do you remember those great Discovery Channel promotional videos with folks singing “Boom De Yada” ? Here it is, just in case you forgot:

Well in 2008, Michigan Educator Brent Vasicek and his class shared their own version. Check out #10 Mr Vasicek’s Class is Just Awesome! from December 9, 2008.

Stick around! I’ll be sharing more old school blog posts from the DEN over the next several weeks. If you have a favorite, be sure to share it  in the comments.


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