Dynamic Presentations with PREZI

Do you need to create presentations from time to time? Would you like a new way to make PowerPoint-like slideshows that have a more dynamic look?  Well, then this post may be of interest to you.  Prezi is a very unique Web 2.0 presentation tool, and the best part of this relatively new tool is that Prezi.com provides free educator accounts!  It will cost you nothing to sign up and explore how Prezis work.  Prezi describes their presentation format as “Pan and Zoom.”  I think this may be an understatement.  This type of presentation is so different that it is difficult to describe.  If you explore the Prezi below you will get a great introduction to the Prezi format. The “Bubble Menu” and “Zebra tool” take a little getting used to, but with some practice you will navigate them easily.  Prezis can be downloaded, linked, or embed on your website or wiki.  Prezi also provides an option for collaboration by generating a special editing link that can be shared.

Before trying to create my first Prezi I looked at many examples to get a feeling for what this Web 2.0 tool could do.  If you would like to check out some sample Prezis visit http://prezi.com/explore/.  Click the “More” button to view a Prezi in full screen mode.  Proceed through the “show” by clicking the arrows on the screen or the keyboard.  It can also be set to Autoplay.  One quick way to get started is to convert an existing PowerPoint to JPEG images and upload the slide images to Prezi.    Prezi is a dynamic presentation tool that is sure to capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Adam Somlai Fischer – Academy: Prezi Workflow in 15 minutes on Prezi


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