Two Quick Links: Kindle at Staples, David Jakes on PD

Just wanted to pass on two quick links. First, one from CT DEN LC favorite – Staples, who announced in their weekly ad that they are beginning to sell Amazon Kindles in their stores. As a person who has been on a personal quest to sort through all of the new mobile media options trying to figure out where Netbooks, iPads, iTouches and iPhones, Kindles, Android phones and tablets, and now today Windows Phone 7’s fit into the educational puzzle, I must say this announcement is welcome. Previously, the high cost of the Kindle and the inability to physically get my hands on one was a big barrier to a personal purchase and even bigger barrier for me for a school purchase.  The recent price reductions helped out a lot (thank you, competition) and now you can stop by a Staples brick and mortar store and  physically pick one up, check out how it operates, the readability, the backlighting  and so on. Good job Amazon, good job Staples!

The second link is by way of Twitter buddies Joe Fromme (@joecfro), Chris Craft (@crafty184), and David Jakes (@djakes). As part of the general flow of the Twitter stream last week, Chris tweeted a link about a blog post from always thoughtful David, which I (@stevesoko) retweeted out to my friends, which Joe saw and suggested it would be a good link to post here.  A great example of how being a part of an online professional learning network works. Here is the link –

“And you certainly don’t get that with meatloaf.” @ writes here


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