Highlight on New DEN STAR


Cathi Poplar
NB3 21st Century Learning Mentor
New Brunswick District #2

I am a new DEN STAR Educator and have been actively involved in supporting 21 Century Skills and Project Based learning for the last 8 years, working with staff and students in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. I strongly believe in collaborative partnerships, and have worked diligently to promote critical thinking, cross-curricular integration and real world student centered learning. Over the last four years as a Technology Mentor in New Brunswick, I have worked with Administrators, Teaching Staff, Teacher Assistants, Students, as well as District Office to promote 21st Century Learning Skills in an effort to enhanced individual and organisational learning.

Discovery fits with my goals to place students in the driver seats of their learning. Part of my focus with Discovery is to promote Science and Language Arts in the classroom – your website fits perfectly.  I am looking forward to aiding our teachers in integrating this resource into their classrooms.


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  1. Karen said:

    Congratulations Cathi on your STAR status! It was so nice meeting you in New Brunswick and look forward to having you in the DEN STAR community.

  2. Sarah Thompson said:

    Congrats Cathi!! You will absolutely love being a DEN Star! The resources are endless and the friendships you make are invaluable.

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